Discover easy-to-use IoT devices that help you keep up with everyone and everything you love. Put your mind at ease with our SyncUP products on T-Mobile's biggest and best network yet.

SyncUP KIDS Watch

Let your kids explore with confidence.

Keep tabs and keep in touch with our new smartwatch for kids. Track your child's location in real-time, set virtual boundaries, and keep them entertained with interactive features and games.

Sync-up tracker device next to a smartphone displaying the exact location of a backpack on the app’s map.
Sync-up tracker connected by T-Mobile.

Pinpoint your possessions with our network-connected tracker.

Attach a SyncUP TRACKER to any of your belongings, such as a backpack, bike, or camera bag. You’ll get location updates and movement alerts delivered right to your phone.

Sync-up drive plug-in device next to a smartphone displaying a car’s location and diagnostic trouble code.
Sync-up drive connected by T-Mobile.

Upgrade your ride for a safer, smarter drive.

Get car diagnostics, disturbance alerts, driver behavior, location tracking, maintenance reminders, in-car Wi-Fi connectivity, and 24/7 roadside assistance from our SyncUP DRIVE device and app.

Colorful Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch for kids next to a smartphone displaying a child’s location.
TIMEX FamilyConnect™

A better connection to your loved ones.

Help your loved ones stay active, connected, and safe with Timex FamilyConnect Watch—powered by our biggest and best network.

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