Three kids interacting with their phones.

Protect and Locate your family.

Add FamilyMode to your plan for just $10/month, an all-in-one-solution that can help you manage your family’s online habits across devices and network connections

Your ultimate hub for digital protection.

Phone with FamilyMode on screen, showing live location of contacts.

Keep track of your family.

Real-time location information helps you keep tabs on your family members.

Phone with FamilyMode on screen, showing specs of one of the contacts.

Monitor how they spend screen time.

Understand where your family spends time online, so you can help develop good digital habits.

Phone with FamilyMode on screen, showing filter.

Set content filters.

Use pre-set or custom filters to help ensure your family only sees age-appropriate content online.

Phone with FamilyMode on screen, showing the internet control.

Manage when they use the Internet.

Set time limits for your family, pause Internet access, or give screen time as a reward.

More features to love.

Schedule clock

Set time

Schedule when family members can use specific apps and go online.


Reward good

Increase daily limits, extend bedtime, or disable downtime.



Schedule downtime – Set internet-free times for homework, dinner, or bedtime.

Take the next step.

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Add FamilyMode to your plan.

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Sign up through the FamilyMode app.