The privacy you deserve, the choices you want.

Our Privacy Center makes it easy to learn about what information we collect, how we use and protect it, and the choices you can make. Because we believe it shouldn’t take a law degree to understand how companies use data.

With T‑Mobile, you don’t have to worry.

Our privacy principles mean you can trust us to do the right thing with your data.


We’re open and honest about our privacy practices. 


We put you in control with clear, simple data choices.


We help you understand privacy and data use so you can make the right choices.


We provide tools to help keep you protected.

What are your choices?

From ads you want see to emails you want to read, data helps us give you a more personalized experience. Like most companies, we share some information that doesn’t directly identify you for advertising. Here are the tools you can use to make the right calls for your data:

We’ve got your back.

We’re always working to protect you and your family and keep your data secure.

Say goodbye to scammers.

T‑Mobile Scam Shield means our supercharged network has advanced scam blocking built into its core to keep you better protected.

Take family privacy up a notch.

Keep an eye on what kids and teens see while browsing the web or locate a family member’s phone from your mobile device with Family Mode.

Still have questions?

We get it, privacy can be…a lot. Take a closer look at our privacy notices and learn about privacy, security, and more.

See our privacy notices.

Find out how we collect, use, and share your data—and how we take steps to protect you along the way.

Stay in the know.

Get important info on privacy and security topics, including fraud, theft, and cookies.

Learn about legal data demands.

We release personal information when it’s legally required. You can find out more in transparency reports we publish every year.