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Use this information to learn about the T-Mobile SyncUP KIDS Watch. Looking to purchase a new SyncUP KIDS Watch? Shop now >

About SyncUP KIDS Watch

Designed to help parents and guardians stay better connected to their kids. Parents can track location in real-time, receive virtual boundary notifications, send and receive calls, messages, picture messages, and monitor steps for healthy habits. Kids between the age of 5 and 11 who typically do not have their own smartphones can make or receive calls and exchange messaging right from their wrists. Kids can also seek help from emergency contacts or call 9-1-1. 

Visit our SyncUP Watch tutorials (for iOS or Android) for steps on downloading and using the SyncUP KIDS app and detailed instructions on how to use your device. SyncUP KIDS app is available for both iOS 12.0 or later and Android 7 or later. Tablets and iPads are not supported.


Key features

  • Live tracking: Allows the parent or guardian to monitor the watch in real-time and get a location update every 10 seconds for 15 minutes.
  • Virtual Boundaries: Allows the parent or guardian to set a virtual fence around a geographical location on the map to track the watch's whereabouts. The app will get notifications every time the watch enters or exits the boundary.
  • Communication: Calling and texting on the KIDS Watch is only allowed between approved contacts. Contact types can only be managed by the Admin from the app. The watch does not support group calling or messaging.
  • Safety: Allows the watch to call local law enforcement. Calling 9-1-1 will send an SMS with the watch's location to approved parents/guardians, which are assigned as emergency contacts, and a notification will appear in the app.
  • School Mode: Allows the parent to promote focus time, limit alerts and manage activities.
  • Camera: 5 MP camera can be used for pictures and videos, which can be customized with stickers and banners from the Media Library.
  • Notifications, Tasks and Alarms: Set up notifications for when the child meets the step goal, or set alarms and reminders to complete tasks. Parents/guardians can also get notifications when a task is completed, when a child enters/leaves a virtual boundary, when the battery is getting low, or when help is requested. 
  • Games: Incluldes games such as DINO Run, Tic-Tac-Toe, and a voice changer.

Tech Specs

Technical specifications for the SyncUP Kids watch
Type Specification
  • Display type: AMOLED
  • Cover glass: Gorilla glass 3
  • Band interface: 20 mm universal exchangeable pin with quick release
  • Blue/Coral band length: 120 and 170 mm
  • Black silicone band length: 170 mm
  • Grey/blue nylon band length: 190 mm
Network / Connectivity
  • LTE Bands: 2, 4, 12, 71
  • Roaming is supported
  • Android 7 or later (tablets are not supported)
  • iOS12.0 or later (iPad is not supported)
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, at least on 2.4 GHz
  • Supports minimum BLE 4.2 connection
  • Embedded SIM with TMO profile only
Camera & Audio
  • Camera (Enabled/Disabled from app)
    • Resolution: 5MP
    • Focus: Fixed
    • Flash: No
    • Video capture: 720p
    • Video capture speed: max 30 fps
  • Audio
    • Single speaker, min power rating of 0.5W at 8 Ohm.
Battery / Charging
  • Usage time: Up to X days depending on usage
  • Battery size/type: 510 mAh
  • Charging interface: POGO Pin via USB charging cable
Demensions & Weight
  • 1.65" x 1.85" x 0.57"
  • 1.26 oz
  • Accel/Gyro/Magnetometer

Getting started



SyncUP KIDS app

The SyncUP KIDS app allows you to set up and monitor SyncUP KIDS features and settings. Check out our Tutorials for detailed steps on how to set up, pair, and use all of the SyncUP KIDS app features.


Child menu


The Child menu gives parents and guardians vital information or the watch's location front and center.

  1. The Child list option will show an index card for each watch paired to the Companion app. Additional watches can be paired to the Companion app by selecting the (+) icon and filling out a new Child Profile. Selecting the child's index card will take you to the Child Dashboard.
  2. The Child map reveals a map with the location of the paired watches and the Companion app. Selecting the child's bubble will take you to the Child Dashboard. 
  3. Select the arrow icon to bring the watch into the display. 
  4. Select the people icon to bring parent and child into the display.

Child Dashboard


Individualized display of each watch. From here, Live Track, enable School Mode, or call and text the watch. 




Contacts can be created on the app by entering the following fields in the Contact Screen. Once completed, an invitation message is sent using the messenger app to the newly added contact. Approved contacts can only be added by the Admin of the watch from the Companion app.

  • Admin: The Admin is the user that created the watch account and successfully paired it with the Companion app. Upon successful onboarding, the contact will be a contact on the watch.
  • Friend: A Friend is a user invited by the admin to communicate with the child's watch.  
  • Add Friend Contact: From the Companion app's home screen, select the contacts icon. Choose the (+) icon to add a new contact.
    • Enter the contact details, like name, number, select Friend contact, and if they're to be an Emergency Contact.
      • The contact can be imported from the smartphone Contact list.
      • Emergency contacts notifications if the Kids Watch asks for Help or Calls 9-1-1.
    • If the Companion app is paired to multiple watches, the Admin can assign the contract to multiple child profiles. Once the contact information is entered, select Save and invite.
  • Edit Contact: Select the contact you would like to edit from the contact list.
    • Update the contact information or contact type and select Save.
    • You may be required to send the contact an invite if the contact type was changed.
  • Delete Contact:  From the Contact list, navigate to the contact you would like to delete and select Delete.

Virtual Boundaries


Virtual boundaries allow the parent or admin to set a virtual fence around a geographical location on the map. Examples include school, home, and a friend's house. The app automatically notifies you when the watch has entered or exited a defined Virtual Boundary.

  1. From your home screen on the List view of your SyncUP KIDS Watch app, select your child profile card to be taken to your child's dashboard.
  2. On the next screen select Virtual Boundary.
  3. Select the + to add a new Virtual Boundary or select a current boundary to edit.
  4. From the map, you can zoom in or out of the map or enter the address to your desired location.
  5. From there, you can adjust the size of your Virtual Boundary to specify when you want to activate this Virtual Boundary.

Live Tracking


Live Tracking allows the parent or guardian to monitor the watch in real time and get a location update every 30 seconds for 15 minutes. Live Tracking can also be monitored on the Child View and Child Map pages. Continuous use of the Live Tracker can cause the battery to drain faster than usual.

  1. Select the TRACK icon to start Live Tracking the Kids Watch. 
  2. During the 15 minutes of Live Tracking, the Companion app will record the watch's movement on the map. Select stop to end the live tracking. 

School Mode

  • School Mode allows you to promote focus time, limit alerts, and manage activities. When enabled, School Mode will limit watch functionalities such as texting, camera, and games. Calling will still be available to and from contacts that are provisioned as emergency contacts. Select the Bell icon to enable or disable School Mode.
  • The Child Dashboard will show when School Mode is enabled.

Call or Message the Watch


The Phone icon and Message icon will contact the watch using the native calling or texting app. 



  1. Select the Bell icon to review the notification history for the Kids Watch.
  2. To filter notifications by child, select the filter icon (3 bars). Select the child and select Apply.  



Select the Settings icon to access the Companion Application settings. Select the pencil icon to edit the Admin profile. 

  • App Notifications Settings: Manage the type of notification you would like to receive from the watch. 
  • Contact Us Settings: Get contact information straight from the Companion app.
  • Report Issues: Report a bug or make suggestions to help us improve your experience.
  • About: Find T-Mobile's Terms and Conditions and Notices here.

Tasks drawer


Tasks are an effortless way for the parent to manage the child's schedule. The Kids Watch receives alerts based on how the tasks are configured in the Companion app.

  1. To create a new task, select the (+) icon. 
  2. Select the type of task you would like to assign.
    1. Enter the task name and any reward message you would like to send when the task is completed.
    2. Time and date are optional settings for tasks. When it is enabled, the options for repeating and one-time tasks become available.
    3. Send Reminder and Silent Mode are also available options. 
    4. Once the task is fully customized, select Save to add a new task.
  3.  To edit a current task, select it from the Task drawer and make the appropriate changes or delete the task, then select Save.

Alarms drawer


Helps manage the schedule for the child. Can be set up from both the Companion app and the watch. Functions like the alarm app on a smartphone. 

  • To create a new alarm, select the (+) icon, designate the time for the alarm, then select Save
  • You can enable Repeat alarms or Snooze when setting up a new alarm. The snooze is set to 5 minutes and is not changeable. The watch will not ring after the third snooze.
  • To Edit or Delete an alarm, select the alarm that you want to edit or delete from the Alarm drawer. Save when done editing or select DELETE ALARM to delete it.

Steps drawer


The Steps drawer gives a breakdown of the steps taken with options to change between daily, weekly, or monthly.  

  • Daily tab: Review the steps tracked by the watch in either graph or list mode. 
  • Weekly tab: Review the steps tracked by the watch in either graph or list mode.  
  • Monthly tab: Review the steps tracked by the watch in either graph or list mode. 
  • Set Step goal: On any of the Step tabs, select the pencil icon and enter the desired step goal, then select DONE. Goals can't be lower than 500 steps.


Device how-tos


Power on the watch

  • Turn on the watch by holding the power button for 2 seconds.
  • When the watch is in Sleep state, a short press will wake up the display and touch.
  • When the watch is in an Active state, a short press will take to the home screen.
  • When the watch is in an Active state on the home screen, a short press will take it to sleep mode.
  • When the watch is in an Active state, a long-press should enter the power cycle menu, with options for restart, power off, and SOS. 
  • When the watch is not responding, a long press (more than 7 seconds) should restart the watch.

Charge the watch

  • Connect the charging dock and a wall adapter with the USB cable, and plug the adapter into an outlet.
  • Place the watch in the provided charging dock by aligning the charging pins.
  • The display indicates a picture when fully charged.
  • If the display is timed out, touch the power button.
  • When the watch is on the charging dock, all notifications default to sound on.

Reset the SyncUP KIDS Watch device


To soft reset your device:

  1. When the watch is in an active state, long-press to enter the power cycle menu with options for restart, power off and SOS.
  2. When the watch is not responding, long press (more than 7 seconds) to restart the watch.

Make/End a Call

  1. Access the contact list and select the desired contact.
  2. Select the green phone icon.
  3. To end a call, select the red phone icon from the call screen.

Adjust Call Volume


From the call screen, select the volume icon to change the volume levels.


Ask for Help


Asking for help will send an SMS with the Watch’s location and send a notification to the Companion Application users. Follow these steps to ask for help:

  1. Access the contact list landing page and select the HELP! option.
  2. Select YES, HELP to confirm help is needed.
  3. Select GOT IT to exit the help screen.

Call 9-1-1


The Call 9-1-1 option allows the watch to call local law enforcement. Calling 9-1-1 will send an SMS with the watch’s location to the emergency contacts the child's parent(s) have set up in the watch. 

  1. Hold the power button for 2 seconds and press the call 9-1-1 icon.
  2. Confirm you would like to contact local law enforcement by pressing CALL 9-1-1.
  3. End call by selecting the end call icon.

Send a Message

  • Communication to the Kids Watch is only allowed between the allowed Parents, Guardians, or Friends. Contact types can only be managed by the Admin, from the Companion Application. Although the Watch has a connection to the T-Mobile network, only the contacts on the approved list can communicate with the Watch. The Watch does not support iMessaging or group messaging.
  • Each messaging thread on the Watch is with an individual-approved contact. An approved contact can add the Watch’s number to a group message (including other non-approved contacts), but the Watch will only receive the message as an individual SMS, not as a group, from the approved contact. If the child responds, they will only respond to the approved contact in an individual thread, and no one else in the group message will get their response. If an unapproved contact from the group responds to the whole group including the child, this message will be blocked from the Watch. 
  • To send a message:
    1. Access the contact list landing page and select the desired contact.
    2. Select the messaging icon.
    3. Select the add text icon.
    4. Choose a preset message or select the keyboard icon to type a new message.
    5. Select the send icon to send the message.

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